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Review: Captain Mullet (Demo)
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 11/02/2003

The start of the new University semester is always going to put a dent on the frequency of reviews, but after a while of writing very little I now have a DAYORF, so I'll use the time well. I had to resist the temptation to give this game a perfect ten out of ten score just because of its name, and play it instead.

It's certainly an unusual game - the objective is to walk along a serene forest scene as the almighty Captain Mullet, who bears a slight resemblance to Paul from Chucklevision, defeating enemies with your bare hands and also by throwing cans of beer at them for some reason. Well, I didn't make it up, you know.

At the start of the game, there's a fairly lengthy "tutorial" sequence, which you'll be wanting to skip after you've seen it once, handy though it is. After that, you start off on your quest to rid the world of the evil... yellow shirted people.

At least, you would be able to if the controls weren't so hideous. Left and right move you, as you would expect. The space bar makes you jump a tiny, tiny amount into the air and the Control button throws a punch (or beer, as the case may be). Now, those are customisable, which is just as well seeing as I don't have a right control key on my keyboard, but here comes the problem - PgUp and PgDown alter the angle of your throwing arm, and holding down Control increases the power _very slowly_. You can also aim using the mouse, but you have to hold the left mouse button down.

The graphics are done very well, and sound is lifted from a variety of sources including Unreal Tournament, I think (the Pulse Gun sound. Impressed now, aren't you?) In fact, the only thing that lets this game down is the gameplay, due to the reasons mentioned above. And that, of course, is a vital element.

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