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Review: Radio Wave
Author: Spram
Added: 17/02/2003

You know those simple, gimmicky flash games in which you must do something silly that is not really much fun but you do it anyway because it's funny.. or something?

This is one of those games.

You must control an antenna so it is overlapping a radio signal that moves back and forth (at the same speed of your antenna of course). Sounds simple, but the radio signal randomly changes direction and it's pretty difficult to get in touch with it again.

The graphics are very very simple, the low-res antenna, the even more low-res radio signal (which is visible and looks convincing, except for the mentioned low-ressyness) and a cute colored pencil/crayon background which was the highlight of the game. The score and time left is also there.

The sound is good. There is a song that loops over and over, but it's the type of music that wont get so repetitive so soon (it does get repetitive anyway). When you are not tuned to the radio waves, you will hear an annoying white noise.

The gameplay? Uh. Move to the left and right to touch the radio waves. That's all. You have one minute that will seem to be five. It does have a high-score saver which is nice, you can even write your own name to go along with your score.

But that's it. It's simple, it's stupid, it's an interesting idea, but this would have been so much better as a internet flash game in which you could compete against other people for the high-score. As it is it's just a curiosity.

But I will give bonus points for the originality and banality of the whole experience.

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