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Review: Dux Duck
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 19/02/2003

How long has it been since I reviewed anything? Perhaps more than 72 hours(!) Not to worry, I haven't died, I've just been doing some work for a change and having some almost comical social problems (don't even ask).

The title/menu screen for the game looks amazing - it must have been put together using a 3D package. The rest of the game doesn't quite follow that standard, instead preferring to use a very 'stylised'... er... style, with a very square-looking duck with a bizarre walking animation. Sort of 'alternative Mario-style', if you like. But without the mushroom ambushes or the smiling clouds, which is a mercy.

As far as gameplay goes, it does the job but is fairly unimaginative. The first level starts off well, with a moving couple of enemies, but then the game just keeps on with the old "jump from platform to platform and hope that you don't die along the way" formula. Crates are abundant - there are standard crates, breakable crates, crates that float in the air for some reason, breakable crates that float in the air, and that's it. The last part of each level invariably involves making your way across a pattern of floating crates.

There is no music in the game yet, and the only sound effects are a slightly irritating 'boing' sound when you jump, a noise for collecting gems and a birdlike sound for the extra life pickups (which incidentally doesn't sound anything like a duck).

There's nothing really wrong with this game, but to succeed it really needs to do something that hasn't been seen before. Maybe in the full version...

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