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Review: Sleep Dreams 1
Author: Mitch M
Added: 26/02/2003

HEY THERE!!! This is a revieuw on the ( pretty old but pretty good ) game called Sleep Dreams...
Written by: AkuAki Copywright 2003

I personaly am a great fan of the games circy makes.. I think they have some kind:ĒI wanna playĒ thing in there.. Which is good. There fun playing and have Extremely great engines... My favorite is WWW Btw... X)

A random nicely engined platform game with a fun character and minimal enemies.
In the game you need to collect coins and defeat enemies to clear levels...
While your going into dream iland the dreamgods are telling you that youíre chosen by them to stop the evil morphicus from distroying all the happiness from the land...
Itís will be quite an undertaking...

As I said it contains some of the best engines and thats what makes the gameplay so good. It feels like your playing a Snes game with minimal characters... ( thats a real pitty.. ) The background is very colorfull and nice but not distracting and thats a real good job. That is usualy my problem...

The graphics are nice and fun to look at. The trees are a real succes if you ask me. But I was wondering why Cirx used a other drawing stile at the main character and the coins.. Circyís way to draw with thick lines is what I like about his games.. It kindaí givea them that little bit extra character...

I realy like the ingame music.. Nice and catchy. X) The sound of the coins and the main character are better than I could do but not the best Iíve seen of Circ..
I realy liked the sounds of WWW and thought this game would have the same sort of sounds.. Although It has great sounds.. I was expecting better.. Always a pitty then issnít it?... Donít infect my points though...

Donít realy have much to say about that.. I think the title screen isnít that good but the intro where they tell the story is cool. Not talking about the graphics here...
And if I may say the intro contains some PRETTY GOOD F*CKING WRITNG CICX!!! Good job.. Nice said X)!!! The way levels start is cool too..
( If it has anything to do with presentation... ... )

Just another Cool Fun Greatlasting game of Europhic Rush.... ( Thats a compliment.. )
Can keep you playing for quite long.... Gotta stop now.... Bye

Revieuw on: Sleep Dreams
By: Europhic Rush ( Circy )
Written by: AkuAki ( Mitch )
For: All The Clickers On Dc That Are Interestid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X)X)X)

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