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Review: Pop!
Author: Spram
Added: 12/03/2003

At a first glance Pop! will look look like a Teris clone or an action puzzler, but it's really more like an inverted shooter, kinda like Galaga or Space Invaders. But instead of duging bullets and shooting enemy craft you have to crash into bubbles that fall from overhead to destroy them.

It may sound simple, you must align yourself with bubbles that fall from above. But there are 4 different colored bubbles that can only be destroyed by rotating your diamon-shaped thing at the bottom. It's really inventive.

The Title screen is pretty good. But once you press Space to start you dont have a difficulty setting which is bad in this type of game, specially since it takes a while to get difficult enough to be fun.

The gamplay is simple and a little repetitive. You can rotate your thing clockwise and counter clockwise (you'll have to rotate both ways to get far) and move your thing with the arrow keys. Miss 8 balls and you lose, unfortunately, there isn't a counter that counts your misses.

The graphics are great, but I think they're not colorful enough. But some people prefer dark graphics over super neon Mario-style stuff, so it's a matter of taste. They're pretty good.

The sound and the music is fitting, but there is only one midi and very few sound effects so it may get a little repetitive.

Another problem is that the screen is very very small. People with high resolutions might have trouble looking at the game, but it's not too annoying since the gameplay s simple and not until the latter levels there isn't much going on on the screen and everything looks sharp.

Anyway, it's fun. Anyone who like Tetris-style games should give this one a try. It's actually better than some comercial tetris-clones.

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