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Review: Box-Worm
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 19/03/2003

More worm games? I had meant to review this one a while ago, and had the review sitting on my hard drive, but just didn't get around to uploading it. Apologies for the lateness, and here it is.

This game attempts to take a new angle on worm games by adding another dimension to the main character. (Angle... dimension... get it? Oh, never mind.) The gameplay area is still 2D, though - well, what did you expect? And the basic gameplay remains the same. For those of you who have been living on a desert island for the past year, possibly as a part of some tacky reality TV show, the object is to collect cubes and grow longer. The game ends when you crash in to yourself or the walls.

Other than having cubes instead of squares for the sections of worm, there's not a lot new here. However, something worthy of mention is that the size of the worm segments is tiny while the playing area is immense. This makes the game phenomenally easy - it's possible to get up to at least fifty points without having to put any effort in at all. Boredom results.

The music is worthy of special mention. Now, I'll try and be positive about this - at least it's an attempt to include some custom music in the game, and for trying it, well done. Unfortunately, this music sounds as if it was created by throwing marbles at a synthesizer from twenty paces. Please don't take offence, author, but this displays all the musical ability of a glass of orange juice. Other sound effects are taken from Worms.

You can't really go wrong with worm games, though, unless something tragic happens. Nothing that bad has occurred here, and the title/logos are good, along with the in-game graphics. So if you're a fan of worm games and happen to be half asleep (or drunk), give it a try.

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