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Review: Super Whoop World (Demo)
Author: Maddie
Added: 23/03/2003

I own a pentium 4 2.4 Ghz an this game runs fine. If this was not only a one stage demo this game would just be so much better. I rate the overall game 10 out of 10 for the fact that it is the most complex Mario clone ever made. Me myself as a game developer wish this was an open source so i can use this engine to make my own Mario based game.

The Graphics in this game are very well done and resemble Mario graphics but are not ripped. I have looked at this very closely. There are many differences in the graphics in this game and from the graphics in the game Super Mario World. I ensure this as i had looked at it very closely. I was kinda jealous that this game is so good but from what i can tell you, the graphics are not ripped.

Gameplay is just as fun as the classic Mario games and i can tell that alot of work was put into this game. The music is great its just that it sounds ripped and is similar to the music that of Mario World but if you listen to it closely it is a little different. This game would last longer if it was a full version and i ask that the Author would continue it. He or she has my full support to continuing this game.

I can only express the most fun gameplay in the Yoshi engine design. Jumping on Yoshi and jumping off him really is quite cool because when you think about it the events are quite difficult. I myself tried to make a yoshi's island game and could not and had to quit because I could not make the Yoshi work out.

This game is perfect for Adults and children and should be continued, its a real big hitter. Try This game out and find out for yourself.

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