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Review: Super Whoop Bros
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 25/03/2003

When I saw that it was based on Super Smash Bros I had to download it. I've always liked that game due to the fact that I thrash Quadralien every time we play it - actually, I might just have made that 'fact' up completely <-) - but anyway, fan games aren't always bad so I make a point of reviewing them fairly.

The author's got the presentation right, using Mario music and even providing a "Clear Backup Data" option - i.e. reset the win data and so on. The only thing wrong here is the use of the Algerian font for the menus. Why people insist on using this hideous-looking, practically unreadable font I'll never know. On going to the Players menu, I decided that instead of actually using the font, the author used a non-standard font which wasn't included with the game. This makes the menu appear misaligned - I recommend using only standard fonts (better), or including them with the game.

The game engine distances it from SSB, however. Instead of counting damage and then having to throw your enemy off the level, you just have to reduce their health to zero. Weapons are also provided, but it's unclear how to use them. This makes it closer to a traditional fighting game than SSB. Also, each character only has a couple of moves available to them, so fights degenerate in to running up to each other, hitting Fires 1 and 2 at random, being catapulted in to the air like in a Chinese wire fighting film, and repeating until one of you dies. A training mode is provided, but it's spectacularly unhelpful.

The graphics are excellent, emulating Shigeru Miyamoto's style well - the hills in the background smile at you disturbingly. But the graphics can't distract you from the feel that this game, while perhaps a good idea, is very poorly executed. It would be good if the author could re-release this, spending a lot more time on the engine of the game, hopefully building it up to the complexity required for a fighting game. This would improve it immensely. And a help file wouldn't hurt either.

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