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Review: Nerd Boarders
Author: Otto
Added: 14/01/2002

I played this game and I just wanted to say this game is ok. I just felt like playing a game and knowing nothing of what this game was about I downloaded it. The graphics were ripped for backgrounds which isnt really so bad. The original graphics were sloppy which is ok. The actual characters had pretty bad animations. The game seems pretty cool in the beginning but having only one level and about 8 tricks really gives you no reason to play again. I think the idea of nerd riding snowboards could actually be crazy enough to work. My adivce get some : good orignal graphics, levels and challenges, rewards for beating levels, some more tricks, well I could go a long way on how to improve but hey, it's hard in klik and i know that. But this is a great attempt at a tony hawk style game. This game really needs levels and more tricks and levels. If theres a Nerdboarders 2 i'l probably be one of the first to give you some feeback.


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