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Review: Super Browse
Author: funkyseaweed
Added: 10/04/2003

Personally I wasn't aware that its possible to make a web browser in Multi Media Fusion, but I'm very bad at it...

This app would be of use to anyone short of a web browser, or for those highly annoying times when Microsoft is completely useless, or maybe I'm the only one who gets those. As I said in my comment, a status bar is the main thing this is lacking which Microsoft Internet Explorer has. It works perfectly otherwise as far as I've tested it, for Flash and everything I use IE for. Actually, I should be writing this review in it, but I'm not.

It is a lot more simple to use than IE and has only the most important buttons clearly displayed. It seems better for those who know how to use a web browser, rather than a lot of the people I know who have no idea.

Presentation: The interface is like the earlier versions of IE, so similar to some versions of IE but not so smooth with the graphics and stuff as in IE6 on Windows XP, which is what I'm running.

However it is more simple, while not treating the user like a moron kind of simple.

Gameplay: It's not really a game, but it does what it does well.

Graphics: Simple, mostly relying on the site itself to provide colour.

The address bar just froze, so I'll just restart the app...

Sounds and music: None, thankfully. A singing web browser.. the kind of thing Microsoft would invent...

Lastability: Until the address bar freezes, really. Which was quite a long time, and I can restart the app

Overall: Good I like it

Sound and Music:

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