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Review: Para Para Chutee
Author: Bricnic
Added: 10/04/2003

Ok, this is my first review, but I have played a lot of klik games/made a lot of klik games.
At first when I played this game, I thought, wow, this might just be a mildly entertaining and/or amusing game to play. It turns out that it was quite a fun little game, with a nice concept, and pretty much bug free.

Title screen was a little disappointing, the clouds "wrapping" quite unsmoothly (they appeared near the edge, rather than moving onto the screen). It's also quite confusing that the man has to land before the game begins, and that you can keep on making the man fall (by continuously pressing enter). But apart from that, it does the job.

The actual game is quite fun and addictive, and is not bad for fun. The graphics might not be ground breaking, but at least you know what's what. The colours of the rings are hard to differentiate, but I guess that makes it more challenging.

As far as sound/music goes, the game is pretty thin with it, no music at all. The man sounds are all just sped up microphone recorded sounds, you can even hear the breath at the end blurring out the mike. But at least it's original

The lastability of the game is somewhat boosted by the presence of a highscore, but I hate having to look for the ini which is annoyingly hidden somewhere in the Winnt or windows folder. For future reference, place ini's in appdrive$ + appdir$ + "myfile.ini".

Overall, this is quite an enjoyable little game, even if it is lacking in the crucial areas that separate a fun game from being a GOTW.

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