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Review: Unknown Game 2830
Author: Assault Andy
Added: 01/05/2003

The thing that this game lacks is gameplay, the graphics are great (With the exception of some library pictures.)

The presentation is fairly good. It has a good intro, some nice tags for the titles and funny shapes and colours in the background. The layout of the game is pretty good, complete a level then verse the level's boss.

Bah! This game lacks gameplay. Some games can get along without great gameplay but this game has fallen into a hole with poo in it, then been shot with a shotgun.

There is only one weapon (some sort of pickle or a green bananna) which goes up in the air, then back down. There is no jump, so once an enemy has shot there is only one way of it not hitting you. That is to hope that it shoots the ground, because it shoots randomly either straight or one direction down (which makes it hit the ground.) The enemies don't move and the bosses A.I are even worse.

When versing a boss it is a race to see who can mash the attack button faster. All you have to do is stand as close as possible to the boss and throw banannas/pickles at it. The last boss (The horse) is by far the easiest. I stood inbetween the gaps of the 32 directions and kept throwing projectiles.

The graphics are pretty good except for the explosion and the soldier (lib graphix.) I like the subway level with the funny billboards and train track.

====Sound and Music====
The sound and music are great, the subway has things going over the loud speaker and the game has some nice music.

====Lastability + Overall====
It's not very long, and it's not very fun. (sorry mate my opinion) The levels are to much the same, one platform, undodgeable enemies and boss at the end. Once you have completed it there isn't much to go back for. No easter eggs or unlockables.

I hope you other games go well.

-Assault Andy (12,CCsoft)

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