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Review: Unknown Game 2841
Author: Assault Andy
Added: 03/05/2003

Yet another pong game, will it be differant from the others??? Read on to find out.

The title screen is nice with the options and the title bouncing around the screen, for a more professional look (even thought you don't need it) maybe next time include an exit button.

The computer A.I is terrible, it bounces up and down the screen and if the ball is close enough, then it will set it's y position to the ball.

For a good solid pong engine a.i here it is, for everyone else aswell:

EP = Enemy paddle
B = Ball

Ypos of EP > Ypos B then Ypos of EP = Ypos of EP + 1

Ypos of EP < Ypos B then Ypos of EP = Ypos of EP - 1

This engine is for if the paddle is moving up and down, if you want it to move horizontilly change all those Y's to X's, and to make it faster change the numbers. (number = speed)

Sorry about if you didn't want to read that but now let's go back to gameplay.

Some of the maps aren't layed out very well such as the space level. It takes ages to get the ball and when you finally do it goes back again and gets lost.

The graphics are pretty nice, some of the pictures might need a bit more shading thought such as the paddles. Most of the maps have nice graphics, the army base's tanks are drawn very good.

====Sound and Music====
I can't give it a bad rating and I can't give it outstanding. It's your average midis for the music and your wavs for the samples.

Well I don't like the 1 player mode and the but the 2 player mode might be alright. The thing that brings this game down is the map layout, it takes ages for the ball to get out of some places and then when it comes out you hit it right back in and it takes anouther 20 seconds to get out.

Nothing above the ordinary for a pong game except for a fair few maps. Maybe a map creator would of been cool. Pong games are very common so if you are going to make one, you need to have some extra features that the average pong game doesn't have.

-Andy (12, CCsoft)

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