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Review: Basketball Bonanza
Author: Eric
Added: 17/05/2003

Presentation: The presentation is a but bare, there is no background to the game, which is a game in my opinion that needs a background. But it is somewhat organized.

Gameplay: The gameplay consists of timing clicking on numerous hands right so the ball will make it in the basket. This gets a bit easy it you get a pattern going, though it does get progressively harder over time.

Graphics: The graphics arent that great and looks like they were scanned into the computer and plopped in the game. Like I said earlier their is no background at all throughout the game but really needs one. It gets tiring looks at a white screen all the time, especially at night.

Sound and Music: Their is also barely any music, only on the title from what I could find. There is some sound when you make a basket, there is an emulated hoop sound. Which in my opinion should have people bystanding and making comments about your performance. Like people booing and cheering.

Lastability: The lastability is poor, since its just the same thing over and over again. Once played I had no erge to play it again. Maybe if I was extremely bored. If they wanted to make it have more replay value, they should have you win awards of accuracy, and timing, and other such things, then people could try and collect all the awards. Or be able to pick different characters with different stories and different goals throughout the game.

Conclusion: This game would be alright if it were fixed up, but right now its nothing special.

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