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Review: BrickingIT
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 23/05/2003

It's Breakout again. Now, Breakout is one of the most often-cloned games on The Daily Click - it's up there alongside Mario fangames and micro-games. Although the four-colour craze of a while back was interesting as well.

This time, though, it's well done. The normal Breakout elements are here - punt a ball around the screen to destroy the blocks, while not letting it fall below your bat - along with the more or less obligatory powerups that fall from the top of the screen when you destroy special blocks.

Control is done by the keyboard rather than the mouse, which I find quite strange for a Breakout game. The mouse gives you greater freedom of movement so that you can quickly move the paddle around, though in this game the keyboard's sufficient for the most part.

A nice touch is that there's a greater degree of control than in most Click breakout games - the angle that the ball travels at depends on the place it hits the paddle. This takes some getting used to, but once you've mastered it it makes completing the level (always those last few blocks) a lot less tedious than normal. There's an element of randomness in there as well, though - sometimes the ball will hit the top of the screen and bounce right back the way it came, which can be annoying.

One thing is that it seemed to crash on my computer quite a lot, but this was easily avoided by turning off the sound. It might be just my machine, the useless pile of junk (well, I shouldn't say that... it'll just go and sulk again). The sound there is nothing special, really, just a selection of blips and blops typical of Breakout.

The graphics are nice, especially the backgrounds, though the ball looks out of place with its deep eternal blackness. It's like you're hitting a black hole around. Other than that, the whole thing is nicely presented as well, with a friendly almost Mac-style menu system at the start.

This game doesn't do anything new in Breakout (apart from those weird triangles - you'll see what I mean) but it's a good effort at a game, and for a first release this is very impressive indeed.

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