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Review: The return of Fishhead
Author: Mr. Esch
Added: 31/05/2003

Return Of Fishhead

The return of fishhead is the stepping stone for all the other great fishhead games we have seen and the ones that are about to be made. A lot of effort has been put into the game to make it run properly and there are few bugs.

The Presentation:- The game is presented well with a clear understanding of what is happening etc.. the presentation has been clearly thought through well and shows good progress from Fishhead and The Evil Highhair by the previous HVR software.

The gameplay is ok - There isn't much change in the gameplay but the game design is fun and taxing to play so it won't be completed easily.

Graphics:- well what can I say. In comparison to later fishhead games you can easily tell that a lot of hard work has been put into developing a good looking style of graphics - this game prvides a good stepping stone for this. Although the graphics aren't as great as in say fishhead 2 the whole style of graphic works well on the whole.

Music:- Well here is definately the downfall - except for those of you who like mario as i said to Hayo "you learn from your mistakes" and he certainly has with proof of fishhead 3 almost all midi made by him.

Lastability:- well the game is pretty repetitive so it may become a bit boring doing the same thing over and over again but if you like the style of game then i'm sure you will get on with it fine.

Overall i think it is a very good game and a great stepping stone for a developing clicker. It is worth downloading and I find comparing it to the other fishhead games facinating.

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