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Review: BuBbLe RunNeR (Demo)
Author: AndyUK
Added: 01/06/2003


The title screen looked well drawn with a nice swirl in the backgound and a mouse pointer to select the options nice and easy. The options were; Play!, quit! and help.
I first chose the help option. There was one link of text stating that you need to collect three crystals per level, I thought this may just be because there isnt much to the gameplay but perhaps a little more should be added to this otherwise just get rid of the help altogeter. The ingame presentation was okay but I did get a bit of a shock when i saw how big the main character was.


I think it was a bit fiddely it used the mmf platform movement. All there was too it was collecting stuff and shooting bubbles at the enemies that walk around.
There are a few jumps and spikes at the bottom and insects that crawl above.
Its possible to shoot loads of bubbles and kill most of the enemies in front of you early on but later its tricky because you can shoot unless you're standing on the floor and some platfoms are small so getting across without hitting an enemy first is tough.

The title screen looks nice and the ingames graphics arent bad but they arent that good either. The animtion is very minimal in the main character. It is very noticable too because he is so big. It looks like a cartoon but with a strange mix of colours for the background.


There are two pieces in the game and they are good pieces of music i can't comment too much on them but they don't sound out of place in the game.


Its demo and i doubt you will want to play again and again.

overall: 5 because its just a typical game made in mmf with nothing specail to offer except a really big game character.
It doesnt move smoothly enough to be better than 5

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