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Review: Bouncin' Billy
Author: Matt Boothman
Added: 15/06/2003

Billy Betcha was mixing chemicals in his garage, when he created a super-rubber material, that can bounce forever!

That was the storyline anyway, although the game could have used any collectibles and any character. The game starts off with a dodgy 'DF Designs' screen, which looks like it belongs in an Atari game, before it brings you to brightly-coloured, slightly nauseating title screen. The game gave you 3 options. Story, Help and Go! They are fairly self-explanatory, and do there job well. I pressed go, and was treated with a screen telling me I was in the garage. There are 4-5 worlds in this game (I don't know the amount exactly, because I didn't finish it), each centered around somewhere in Billy's region.

The object of the game is to collect the bouncing balls, while avoiding objects like pins and fish. It's basically a non-scrolling platformer, where you get the balls to finish the level. The enemies/evil objects are so hard to get past, though, you may resort to jumping up the walls, because this game uses the default platform movement. Another bad thing is when you get hit by a pin, you get hit by the same pin again and again, until you move, result in serious loss of hearts. One time I jumped up, got hit by a pin facing the other way and lost 3 hearts! You can regain your life, but sometimes you have to lose some life to gain some.

That's what holds this game back. The gameplay, other than that, is generally pretty good, and the graphics are OK for a beginner's game, but it's the annoying bugs that will really get up your nose. Also, the sound-effects and music are from the KNP libraries, and fit the game like a glove made out water. Classical music in a happy-happy platform game? It happens in this.

Final Verdict: Bugs will get you down.

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