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Review: Flin The Pie Detective
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 25/07/2003

Now then...when was the last time I reviewed a klik game? Too long ago. So I announce a competition for my birthday, and Aku comes up with this. A 2nd place victory! I promised him a review, and a review has arrived.

Flynn must basically retrieve a pie. Which has been stolen, and SHOULD belong to Circy (aka me). Run and jump your way through 4 worlds and a boss. Whoopie, I thought.

Part of that "whoopie" still lingers 10 minutes later, as I just come back from another quick play. The graphics are really cool, quite possibly rivalling RhysD's graphical genius. Really good work here, everything is distinguishable and colourful. No complaints here.

The music is wonderful. Composed by an unknown source, its definately original and definately brilliant

The gameplay is where this stumbles. While the engine is solid enough, in places it can be buggy. Level design is...average, and everything is a huge challenge. Forget Zone Runner, this is the new number one contender for In The Pit Challenge Equality.

I like this, I really do, but it could be better in many respects. However, it was made in two days and was a remarkable achievement. One thing that gets very irksome is the need to traverse through a million menu screens, complete with fade-ins, once the player dies. Which he will do a lot.

I do recommend you download this; Aku is becoming a very talented klikker who is on the road to success. And that music...that wonderful music sends the hairs on my back on end

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