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Review: Turbo HTML Plus V1.1
Author: Shen
Added: 30/07/2003

Yay whee! There's been a lot of Click HTML editors over time, but not many of them stand out. However, I could tell from this one that a lot of work has been put in to it. I think it's taken about six or so months to complete, with some major reworkings here and there (Nir has been bugging me about a new feature every so often ) I'll have to have a new review system as well for apps. Boosh!

Compared to other HTML editors, the presentation was rather minimalistic. It uses the Window object to make it resizeable and fit the screen, but the main window is dominated by a big Rich Edit box. There's the one toolbar and a status bar, which can be customised as to what's on it. There's the usual icons on the toolbar - file commands, clipboard commands, bold and italic, lists, etc - mainly the stuff you'll use most.
The dialog boxes are rather nice, as well. Subapps are used so the windows can be dragged around the screen. Also, instead of using Windows-based controls, the author has made some blue ones that look a bit better. You can't tab between them, but it's a small price to pay.

MMF and Rich Edit's restrictions hold this back greatly against commercial editors like Dreamweaver and Homesite. However, it does a pretty good job of what it can. There's oodles of funky features, like auto-saving every 10 or so minutes, changing the colours of the text, and a nice Find and Replace dialog. However, there's a lot of stuff that has been left out.
The main thing that will be missed is the Control-B shortcuts for Bold, Control-I for Italics, and so on for other tags. This is a Rich Edit problem - Control-I gives you a tab stop, which in turn messes up the undo lists. The Character number just gives you the caret position and not the column, there is a way to do this but it's quite tricky.
Finally, there's a lot of stuff that could be more helpful. You can change the colours for tags, values, text and comments, but that's all. Having <script> tags in something like dark red, and <style> in pink would be enough to stand them out, despite being in comments. There's also a lot of other, more complex tags missing, such as adding Flash or Vitalize apps, or tables and frames.
The F5 preview switch is one of the most helpful things ever, though.

It's pretty much bug-free. There are a few Rich Edit things which are currently impossible (or almost) to get round, but it's very stable and works fine. When and if it gets updated, I'll be using this.

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