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Review: legend of baldric DEMO
Author: Pixalatio
Added: 04/08/2003


A wannabe knight called Baldric (sounds familiar... even if he wasnt a knight) and he (you) must protect this princess who you see for the whole of 10 seconds before she disapears out of the window, so the king goes out to 'get so drunk he cant remember his name' and thus you go a-wandrin looking for her in an interesting platform adventure...

Continued story:

Well the story disapears a little from there on in, but it exists enough to keep it apparent and you are sent off to the evil tree and then end up on a strange little mans airship... unfortunately that was the end of the demo so we'll just have to wait and see


An interesting style certainly unique against games I have played, lots of colour, but not overwhelming like so many games. I especially liked the moving mushrooms and those little demon things . Its a shame about the 'Stage 1' trype texts, and the title screen which were not really up to scratch


Well, it was certainly partialy Yoshi's Island music, and i think i noticed something from Monty Python as well (on the title screen... not quite sure...)


Much better especially the little 'hup' everytime you jump and the clanging sword sounds, it made the game seem very alive


It was fairly difficult in some parts, frustrating in others, and the last boss kept getting me quite annoyed as he showed no sign of dieing!! Some parts were very simple as well though

Final thoughts:

I liked the map screen quite a lot, it reminded me of the maps on a few SNES games.
Make the rest PLEASE


Sound and Music:

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