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Review: Halima's Crazy Pogo Bounce
Author: Mark
Added: 26/08/2003

Now this, people, is what Klik Games should be like. An original idea, with fantastic level design and suitable graphics.

Many commercial games companies will not release original games, as, quite frankly, casual gamers will not buy them. And with the exception of Monkey Ball and a few others, they don't sell very well. In Klik tho, this is different. The tools we use are very simple to use, and you can get your idea from your imagination into your mind in a few hours. We don't have to conform, as we don't have to be a success-we don't make money. Even if the creator of this game doesn't know it, he has created a simple, original "Platformer" with cunning level design, which I would be proud to call my own.

I put the word "Platformer" in inverted commas, as arguably, it isn't one. Platform games have a jump button, this doesn't as such. You are a girl on a Pogo stick, and you have to rescue Pikachu to complete the level, by dodging just a handful of enemies. It doesn't sound like much fun, but it is. You have a varying degree of control over your hops, with short bunny hops to long jumps, to a double jump power-up. You have to use these carefully and timing is crucial.

The game may be only 6 levels long, and with replay value that amounts to basically nothing, apart from showing it to your friends and saying "This is what a TGF game should be like; not 'generic platform hero collecting 100 generic platform items for a generic platform life'"

The fact that this game has hardly any comments about it is criminal, but was predictible to be honest. This, and the mosquito game lately put up for download ahve made me think into making a website for Klik Games that offer something original only. Although, I'm to wrapped up in Super Monkey Ball to do it

Overall, well done. Everyone-download this and see what you are missing.

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