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Review: Fox Hunter
Author: eyeangle
Added: 28/08/2003

Fox Hunter is a great first game and with this kind of ability by the time Fox Hunter 2 or 3 come out they will be the greatest.

Fox Hunter is a cool platform game with heaps of levels. The controlling may come across a bit difficult at first because it was made without an engine so that is the reason for it. Other wise it was done quite well.

The fox character is a cool, good size, playable creature that jumps around on a hover board. Itís got cool graphics and shoots Ė as do most small games. The frequent boss make the game that bit more exciting as do the races and different machines you ride in. There is a car, boat, jetpack and a few more. It has passwords on every level and itís not too hard. Lives are always suppled and bonus levels just top it off.

Fox Hunter is not only for the platform lovers. Although, the game is mostly platform, but the level design is awesome. It has a huge range of colours and backgrounds and small features that makes it that little bit better. There is a story line so you arenít playing the game for no reason and a funny option on the start screen. (Click it).

The music is a cool feature. Picked from all over the net Fox Hunter had a wide range of midis. There is a cool ending so try and finish it. It is a good adventure game that fly all over the world Ė sky, land and sea. It will give you a cool feeling playing it.

Many hours have been put into this game and hopefully there will be a few more Fox Hunters in the years to come. Good job Paul mate. Keeps up the good work.

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