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Review: Spider Man Demo.
Author: Knudde (Shab)
Added: 30/08/2003

Well now Marvel Hero has released his Spidey game he's been talking about. And it's a lot better than I thought it would be. The opening sequence (something that many klik games are missing) is rather bland, but at least it's there, and with a little more graphics work it could really stand out.
The first level is a joy to play, besides some minor frustrations with the controls, (mostly because this game has a lot of controls) I was having a blast zipping around buildings and climbing on walls. I do have one gripe with this though, Spiderman jumps like he weighs one pound, on the moon, sometimes with a rocket booster. I know spidey can jump high, but he shouldn't float down. And I think if there were a Spidey Jump (press up and jump) and a normal jump it would add some variety. The web slinging is alright, but it could be better, for some reason I could propel myself about 30 feet in the air when the platform I was latched to was only 2 feet above my head. Not a big deal though. I found combat to be a little boring though. It seems that the enemies are on path movement and punch when they are close to you, and that's it. Some AI would add greatly to this game. A nice touch is the Comic Style phonetic phrases, although a variety would be nice. After beating the first level, you come across the Hobgoblin, who seems to have lost all his fighting skills and is content to fly around while you jump and kick and/or punch him. The second level does really need some work in regard to entertainment. But Very Good Job Marvel Hero.

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