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Review: Geroff My Land!
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 01/09/2003

"This game contains violence: You have been warned." That's one of the messages that greets you when you start up this game, closely followed by a cheery rendition of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" in MIDI format, complete with a Paintbrushed image of an egg-headed farmer with shotgun at the ready.

In this minigame, you play a trigger-happy farmer - one of the kind of people who have a lot of "cousins" - and basically have to shoot anyone who slides across the screen. I say "slides" rather than "walks" because they don't have a moving animation - graphics aren't this game's strong point, and it does show its age.

Mechanically it's sound, though - shooting a leg will slow the trespasser down, while a head shot or a couple of torso shots will incapacitate them completely (they'll bleed for a while and then disappear). After emptying your trusty shotgun you have to right-click to reload, typically for a shooter. You even get a rather in-depth summary of your shots at the end of the game, even though I'm not entirely sure how the scoring works - if you let more than five people cross the white terrain then it finishes. Other than that, there's no much more to say - you can only enter three initials on the high scores, which confused me somewhat at first.

It's a nice five-minute distraction (as much as I say I dislike violence, it's always fun to dismember sprites), but so much more can be done with this style of game - Germany just loves it, look at the Moorhuhn series. Of course, I can't be too hard on this as a five minute distraction is what it's meant to be.

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