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Review: Captured by Aliens and Taken to the Moon
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 23/09/2003

What a great name. But don't use an installer for your game - they're just awkward, it's far easier to unZip them without them and you don't get more compression or anything. I know that some people prefer installers... can't imagine why, myself.

On to the first impression of the game - the title screen. It's really a mix of different styles - the characters are well drawn, but the background is just a couple of flashy stars slapped on top of a black sky and a half-hearted grainy ground. I think the MIDI is from the GF libraries, but I'm really not sure. I recognise it from somewhere, anyway.

After an introduction sequence, which was unexpected but nice, the game turns out to be an old-style collect-em-up. The enemies on the first level are simple blobs that bounce back and forward mindlessly and prove surprisingly difficult to avoid - no effort's been put in to any form of AI here, just bouncing ball movement, though the later enemies are an improvement. The objective is to collect the keycards and make it to the exit, then repeat until complete or dead. The gameplay's broken up with boss levels as well.

As simple as it sounds, it's rather fun, but also frustrating when you die and have to restart. You're provided with (I think) three lives for each level, rather curiously represented by a bar rather than a number. A clever idea was using green force fields that the aliens can't cross, so you have some safe areas.

The whole game is really a mix of different styles of levels, some better than others. Full marks to the author here for experimentation. Although there are a couple of bugs, and simplistic as it is, I admit that I really can't help but like this game. Well done!

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