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Review: GunPowder-DEMO-
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 25/09/2003

I'll be honest here: Because of the quality of the description and the lack of screenshots, I was expecting this to be rubbish, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The game opens with a nicely drawn title screen, with Genesis-style parallax scrolling and everything. Lovely. The actual title and menu are rather off-centre, though.

You're deposited on a map screen, and whenever you go to a building a window appears asking you if you really want to visit that place or not. I thought it was some sort of horrendous error message saying that my hard drive was infested with maggots or something at first (honestly, that wouldn't surprise me on this computer). Once I'd got over the shock, I clicked onwards. I'm not sure how the author got a window to appear - is it an extension, or am I just being thick?

The system is as follows: You move your character around using the arrow keys, and use the mouse to perform actions. The main character moves around very, very slowly - could we have a speed up in the full game? It's programmed very nicely indeed, there are a lot of things here that would take a fair amount of skill to put in to a game - acceptable adventure game controls, for one thing, and also an inventory system.

The graphics are nice as well, though they're put together a bit awkwardly in places - looks like the author doesn't really know how to draw in perspective (and to be fair, I haven't a clue). Music is a selection of suitably Western-sounding tunes.

There are a few bugs, though, like still being able to move while sitting down on the screen outside the saloon, and when I entered the saloon my health dropped quite a bit for some reason. If those are sorted out, this RPG/adventure looks very promising.

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