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Review: Alien Conflict
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 03/10/2003

This is basically a Space Invaders clone with Multimedia Fusion graphics and a "levels" concept rather than just continuing until you expire. That's all there really is to say about it in short, but I'm going to have to continue.

As the author says in the description, this was an attempt at making a "quick" game and so most of the graphics used are from the libraries. No problem with that - they're well used, and the few original graphics in the game are nicely drawn. After a rather nice logo and title screen (you can't go wrong with starfields, really), the objective of the game is to repel the alien invaders by shooting them out of the sky using your spaceship on wheels. Maybe it's the European space program.

There are a couple of different types of ships - slow and fast, basically. Usually they drop aliens on parachutes when you shoot them, giving you a chance to blast them out of the sky, let them fall to their doom, or, if you like, run them over with your casino-chip wheels. You can even "juggle" them in the air for a while for extra points - that amused me no end. <-)

There's even a "bloodless" mode which you can use if you have a slow computer, but seeing as even my one managed to run this with no problem, I can't see anyone having difficulty running it unless you're trying to run 500 other applications in the background at the same time. Still, it's there if you don't like the sight of sprites being killed.

The whole thing really has a very retro feel to it, like one of those shareware games that used to appear on 3.5" cover disks. Those were the days. It's a nice distraction.

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