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Review: Springer the wrath of scratch demo
Author: Klikreview (Heretic Emu Studios)
Added: 14/10/2003

Two word review: Download it!

This is a rare gem of a game that lots of people will be overlooking. And one of the most amazing things about it is that it seems to be one of the first for this gamer. So I have to say, excellent work! This game sports some great cartoon graphics, some very fun elements and some fantastic level design!

You play as... er.. a yellow springy marshmallow thingy. In each level you have a set amount of objectives, all displayed in the top corner of each level. Objectives take a bit of time, especially when you have to navigate levels in new ways. But all of them are straight forward and designed with good common sense.

Play control is solid. The motion is a bit unsettling at first. It uses standard platform movement, and the character has a tendency to want to stick to things, but I never actually got stuck. He also accelerates a bit slow, but after the first 15 seconds of playing, these things dissapeared.

You get nice cinematics at the start of each level, you get fun objectives that keep the game at just the right pace. Levels are created well and they look great. The graphics are simple, but they have a real amateur charm to them and have great style.

I highly recommend this game, simply because it is the most professional noobie game you will play for a while. Things are simply, but very well done!

good points:
-great cartoony graphics
-good sounds
-great level design
-fun objectives
-cool story

bad points:
-character feels a bit heavy at times
but nothing that bad really!

Sound and Music:

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