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Review: Jacman 3 Demo (old)
Author: OFFINC/Aharms
Added: 03/02/2002

It may be old but this game had (has?) potential to be a classic click game. When I first saw this I thought it would be a pac-man clone, but it is really only pac-man inspired. Real Good stuff!

-Simple, attractive, and effective graphics. I'm not sure why but the graphics though simple really apealed to me. They were bright, fun, and well shaded
-Good animation. Lots of things animated like the dots you collect that other game creators woudn't have animated, really adds life to the game.
-Simple and fun gameplay, very simular to mario, you jump on enemys or you can also have fire breath.
-Cut scene simple and to the point.
-1st boss was fun and not too hard.
-A generally fun game with a great feel.
-Continue option which lets you go back to the last level you were playing before you died.

-MORE! More levels, more characters, more bosses, more weapons (ice breath, laser breath?)
-Too short.
-Jac man gets stuck between to pillars and can't jump up because he is bouncing on a bush man, also if you run out of fire on the level with the blocks around the star circle you are stuck. You can't get out of those without restarting the whole game. Perhaps a suicide function.
-This game could benfit from RPG elements like town exploration, but thats a choice you have to make.
-Music is good but more tracks

It's hard to write much about this game because the demo was so short. Despite that this is a must download.


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