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Review: Rally-GB(scraped this,starting again)
Author: J.J
Added: 27/10/2003

This is a game that has the potential but its not a great game yet! Its a top down rally game where you in the demo is supposed to drive a time attack.

The engine: The engine is a customized racecarmovment (I think). But i think the race car engine where pretty good in this game. There is not very much details like skidding and stuff but overall i think its a OK engine. Its easy to "understand" when you are driving.

One thing about the engine i really dont like is the way you are bounching away and your car stops instantly when you hit a osbstacle! I want somthing more smoother! For example; When you hit a obstacle you will loose speed but you will be directed in the directoin you where going like most other car games do it.

The GFX: This is the sad part about the game! Let me say one thing, TGF library graphics is NOT recomended to use because they are used in SOOOOOooooo many games & apps made with click tools that i im starting to getting sick off them! Nothing more to say about the GFX rather than: Draw them your self!

GamePlay: I dont want to say so much about the gamplay due to the fact that i have only tried a demo version off the game. But the demo gamplay was not that good.

The presentation where OK, nothing special and nothing bad to notice....

Sounds & Music, i could not notice any music in the game....
The sounds where ok, but i REALLY WANT a feature that can turn off the voice telling me where to drive every no and then! Somone whould like that for sure, but i dont! = Gimme some way to kick the sideman out off the car!

Overall: This is a decent car klik game. It needs alot off work but as i said earlier: It has the potential. But YOU NEED to take somtime to switch the GFX!

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