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Review: Blocco
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 28/11/2003

Ah, puzzle games - they're rather difficult to do in Click, I've tried a few myself. Upon startup you're greeting with a very C64-sounding tune, like one of the old Dizzy games. Very appropriate!

The gameplay is in the traditional Sokoban style (which I believe translates as "Warehouse" in Japanese, but I could be anything ranging from slightly wrong to totally wrong on that one). The objective is to shunt blocks around with the green fluff-ball that passes for the main character, hit switches and get to the exit each time. The graphics are sharp and detailed for the most part, and the animation on the aforementioned protagonist is particularly good. One thing I noticed was that when I switched windows, the holes with blocks in them disappeared completely... probably just Click being erratic.

The grid-based movement engine is also programmed well, with no real glitches being noticeable, at least not by me. There is a slight flaw, though, in that it feels just a tad too slow - it's not noticeable when you're in the thick of things pushing blocks around, but rather when you have to cross a large space or go back through corridors to get to the exit it becomes rather boring.

It's clear that a lot of thought has gone in to the level design. However, the only thing wrong with the game itself is that not enough really happens in it - blocks and holes are pretty much all there is in it, at least for the World One levels, and it can be repetitive after a while. Apart from that, though, it's a very polished release.

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