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Review: Winter War
Author: Dark One
Added: 04/12/2003

Dark One Entertainment's Review of Winter War

Presentation : Well, the presentation was ok, since we got some good screenshots. It would have been nice to have a bigger description for the game, even the smallest games can have a good description. All we get is that it is a Small RTS about kids at school when it's snowing, not much at all eh? Well I'll give presentation a 6 because we got some screenshots and a line about the game.

Gameplay : Now, here is where the game has it's fine points, it has a fairly good ai, a pretty darn good movement engine, and a nice attacking engine. This game must have really been hard to program and get it to have no glitches(that I have noticed) and to work properally. I give the gameplay a big 10. RTS are not easy to do in click.

Graphics : Pretty darn good graphics Pat. They were really cool, funny, and awesome, all in one. These also fit in nicely, I liked your shading and everything, gave the game a less cartoony taste, from what you would think it was on the title screen. I give the greats a big 10.

Sound and Music : Has some nice sound effects for the hitting and stuff. The music is good, fits the mood and all that, perfectly, I will give you a 9 for sound and music because the kids screaming kind of gets annoying after awhile.

Lastability : Well this game is extremely hard, you may not even kick blue butt once (I did I was lucky). You will probably play it over and over again trying to beat blue, and the game will not get boring, because everytime you play it is different(kind of). So I will give you an 8 for lastability because some people get turn off right away by the difficulty.

Overall : Overall this game is recommended download. I give it an 8.6 or a 9. So, this is a good game, download it and you won't be sorry! Have fun, and prepare to be whooped by the enemy if your not fast and skilled enough! - JK

-Damon, Dark One Entertainment

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