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Review: Paintwar 4: Crossfire
Author: cake
Added: 14/12/2003

Now for a game that's a little different: basically you are sort of in a tournament from what I can tell, and you shoutout in events that have random locations and weather.
The game keeps it interesting with the points system, you get to spend your points on upgrading your character's stats or on new weapons.
Very good! The screens between events are slick and well presented.
What drags this down from getting a 10 is that there's no instructions on the stats screen to tell you how to upgrade or how many points it costs, also multiple save slots would have been a nice feature...

The one key element lacking in the gameplay is progression- the game doesn't progress with the player, it stays the same all the time. This means the game starts out really hard, then becomes great fun, then becomes way too easy (bazooka anyone?) This is the major problem with the game, and it really messes with the lastibility.

Top notch, nothing to complain about at all. The backgrounds are colourful and pleasant to look at, they suit the whole style of the game and compliment the sprites well. The sprites are small but this suits the game. Lots of colour and variety, very nice!

Sound and Music
The sound in the game is generally well done, varying and suited to the game.
But the music is a little bit of a let down; the one song that comes with it is perfect...but it's only one song, which gets a little old.

Despite its problems this game will give you some serious entertainment, the challenge and upgrading is fun and exciting, the combat intense early on, all helped along by very good presentation and graphics.

Sound and Music:

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