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Review: Fly n' Land
Author: Agoro
Added: 07/01/2004

Lets start with the intro chall we?
The translation (im thinking it was translated) was bad, "There have been war", "And good pilots is very rare" This i think is a bad start.
And the intro is long and there is no way to skip it.


The story is slightly odd, but, its supposedly "war". But there should be a better explination to why it can only move virtical.


The movement is funky, you cant move left and
right when pushing "up" in real life, it would be able to move left and right accelerating and not
accelerating. and when u quickly push 'up' it moves blocky. it shoudl be more smooth to have it more life like.


It looks like it was made in paint. But im not saying thats bad. It looks OK if your not big on graphics.The first few levels graphics are a little bad, red circles with dots in them. but when you beat them, they get better
(graphics wise)

Sound and Music

The intro is the theme from "jurrasic park". i
like that song and it kinda fits well with the "war" going on. There also should be a fire or some sound when accelerating. The music in the game is rather annoying i think, its continual beeps to me.


One time only. the game looks thrown tograther, and rushed. probably hopeing for a good result. It could be better, but.. its not so.. moveing on.


What really bugs me is the music in-game and the
accelerate button "blocky" movement. if it was smoother, it would be alot better. think about it, your in a aircraft and when ya push accelerate, u'd get shook around and probably lose control, crash, explode, burn, and find out that heaven has a shortage of chairs...

anywho.. the blocky movement causes u to crash more oftin anyway.

Sound and Music:

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