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Review: Point And Click Adventure Engine (Game Version)
Author: Wormware
Added: 09/01/2004


The game has nice menus but I think you can do better the menus in the game are better (like the inventory).

Well the game has different gameplay but it is just a good engine and the gameplay is very good! It is fun to play and not annoying


First of all, the game looks very good! But the better graphics are later in the game in the temple for example! Not all the graphics are really nice. The main character isn't that beautiful. But the graphics are good!

Sound and music:

Well it's hard to add some music to an adventure because it gets really boring after an hour. Maybe you should have added some Mp3's to the game so you don't have a different music in every room but a long one continuing.
Well the pyramid puzzle has good sounds but again it's hard to find good sounds in an adventure and sound isn't really good in this game. It should be a game without, I think

I've shut down my midi music and I use my own list at the moment...


Hey, it's an adventure...
After you've finished the game you will not play it again I think. Or maybe in a long time? But the game is not that hard that you'll stop playing before you've finished it. O.K. you can get stuck (think of the temple you cant enter or the receptionist). The game has enough to offer you to play it for a while!


I think some things could be better (like the main character and some objects and the graphics of the menu). The saving and loading system is really good! It remembers a lot.
The game itself remembers a lot of things too. Try opening doors and stuff!
I hope you’ll be creating al lot of adventures in the future!

Keep up the good work!

Sound and Music:

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