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Review: Pong...Advanced
Author: Galaxy613
Added: 09/01/2004

This is the first Pong clone I ever downloaded and while I was downloading it I was thinking soon I'll uninstall it, soon I found it was untrue.

I started with 1Player Easy, wowed by the already pretty k00l gfxs that he said wern't very good, and after getting confused with controling 4 what-you call-ems(bats?) I did medium 2 Player, I quickyly found out two things.
1st. The screenies didn't do that game justise
2nd. Playing the comp+medium is better then playing yourself+easy
3rd. I stink at bat&ball games
(ok, so theres 3, so what?)

Then after that I found that 4P is much better then all, but I also found out that it's very hard to get the ball passed the comp! But that just added to the fun.

Tho this game is complatly devoid of Music or sound, I think it ranks up with the orig pong.

There wasn't much if an Presentation, but does it really need one? It's pong! Everyone knows pong! That much to present...unless the "Presentation" means the main menu... then I'll give it a 7 cuz' it's just the much k3w1.

I really don't know much about this "Lastabilty" and I can't really rate it for any games, but sence this is a pong clone ppl already are going to be turned away so this game won't last long...unless they mean lastabilty of the gameplay...then I give it a 6 cuz' it can get boring after the comp beats your head out or vise a versa.

Did I say the gfx are more then good? The gfx are better then 75% of n00bs that come here, plus he didn't rip anything thats plus right there for a n00b! so a grand total of 8.

The only thing(s) it's missing is high score, music and sound.

So now, the moment you all been waiting for...the overall score! *whips out a calculator*
*presses buttons*...*presses more buttons*...
Durm roll plz...*durm roll starts*..teh Overall score is....*durm rool speeds up*..6!!! w00t

Goode j0b, CK4R1 0U7

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