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Review: Space War 1
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 23/01/2004

This looks very much like a first attempt at a Click game. As fun as it is to bash something senseless, though, this doesn't really deserve that humiliation.

The title as seen on the title screen has a weird morph effect applied to it to smarten it up a bit, but it doesn't really work as it's so out of place. Also, it's in a very pixellated font which has obviously just been scaled up from a smaller one. "Flight of the Bumble Bee" plays in the background for some reason - at least the author made the effort to include music on this screen.

The most notable thing is that the three buttons on the menu are written in a vaguely Scandinavian language, so I had no idea what any of them did. I did the only logical thing - select one by the classic "Eeny meeny miny mo". That landed me on the middle one, which I pressed. All of a sudden, nothing happened, so I assume that "Ennätykset" is foreign for "This button is entirely superfluous."

Going for the top choice, I got in to the game. It looks like an attempt at Space Invaders, with ships flying about at the top of the screen and your craft down below. Sadly there are a few things wrong with it... most notably, the firing seems as if it's timed to only work when the timer reaches an exact second, rather than having a delay. This means the button has to be held down instead of just pressed to fire.

The explosions from the spaceships are misaligned - some Hot Spot checking here is necessary - and sometimes you're just taken out of a level and whisked away to the next one on a time basis for no apparent reason at all.

I think the author should practise a bit more before releasing a game - at the moment, this only serves to confuse the player (even if most of it was in English).

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