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Review: Super Bros 6
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 27/01/2004

Well, look at it. It's called "Super Bros". It's obviously a fan game that's just missing a "Mario" from its title (three guesses as to where it goes). Unlike most fan games, though, it doesn't contain ripped graphics from the game it's imitating, only from the KNP libraries. Oddly the ZIP contains a text file for Super Bros 5, but I imagine the idea is much the same.

The game opens with some man in a silly hat jumping around entirely unconvincingly, and a lot of clouds smiling out of the screen at the user. I often wondered about the smiling clouds in the Mario games - wondered what Shigeru Miyamoto had taken before designing the game, more accurately.

I died quite a few times very near the start of the game, at the hands of the mouth that shot yellow circles and the moving red blobs of Jell-O with eyes. (I'm aware that being from the UK I should write "jelly", but that sounds funnier for some reason). The levels are arranged rather awkwardly and the difficulty curve is reminiscent of the shape of the White Cliffs of Dover (there's a nice English joke for you).

The platform engine itself is pretty good - I didn't spot any problems even though some were mentioned in the Readme. Still, that was for a different game so that's probably the problem. However, shooting is handled in a way typical of many early KNP games - simply shooting in the direction the player is heading rather than facing. There's no shooting animation either, so yellow blobs just sail out of the unnamed character. Bros, possibly.

Thanks to the lack of decent help, the controls are rather inadequately explained - it doesn't mention that you have to press Space to enter a door, for example. It's thanks to lack of explanation like this and the unfair-at-times level layouts that this game loses a lot of its enjoyability.

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