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Review: Ball Platform
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 03/02/2004

"Ball Platform" is Mingy Jongo's first game, and a fun one at that. Although this game lacks a lot, I enjoyed it.

Presentation: When you start up the game, something big and important (in my view) is missing...A TITLE SCREEN! The title screen draw's the player into the game; just starting on level one makes the game a little less intresting.

Music: This game also lacks sound and music. The music sets the mood!

Graphics: The graphics have all been ripped from the Bat and Ball library in Games Factory. Mingy: you need your own graphics!!!

Gameplay: The game itself is pretty fun! You have to get to the exit platform while avoiding Springers from one of the Gfactory Librarys. The level design is very origanal! Even though the game is short, I had a lot of fun! But if you want to re-make the game, just add a few more levels, and add scrolling for some levels, if not all of them. Another thing Mingy could do to improve this game is add some sort of attack that the character can use aganist enimies. One other thing this game lacks is a backround. Backrounds are a very important part of the game!

Extras: In this game there are two mini-games that you can access once you finish the game: BREAKOUT and CLASSIC (but for some reason I can't access CLASSIC ). The Breakout clone is pretty well put together, but it just needs a few more levels . (God I've used too many )
Overall: "Ball Platform" is a fun game, and, although the lastabilty may be a few minutes, its a fun few minutes!

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