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Review: Arc 1.1
Author: istvan
Added: 20/02/2004

Well Id like to start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game by Tigerworks. I have not been able to enjoy his other recent work, Exploding Bacon, due to server errors I have recieved, but in the knowledge that Tigerworks have created many a great game I will attempt to review Ammo Relaying Cargo, otherwise known as Arc.

I was excited by this game because Ive always wanted to see a klik game that puts the mouse to good work, with exception to Entrance Gate.

Presentation was brilliant. The menus looked and felt the part. However, one thing I would change was the default menu bar and the set the screen to maximized on boot-up. This is all technical jumpo,but it would make it look more professional and add to the fun level up. It would also stop the player from accidently click outside the play area and veiwing the contents of the desktop, instead of the game.
In my opinion this change should apply to any game that uses these default settings. Also, an intro movie instead of just text would be gnarly.

Gameplay was quite unique in that it made good use of the mouse as well as the keyboard. Which was fun because you could be running away with the keyboard, whilst still aiming and shooting enemies. This brings me an ability you could think of adding: The enemies, expecially the large ones, are much faster than the player, so if they have spotted you, escape is near impossible. This does add to the thrill and difficulty factors, but if a run button was enabled the game could be even funner.

Graphics are weldone, but nothing deserving of an award. The backgrounds, weaponary, explosions, and enemies are all well drawn. However, the character seems a tad bland. Walking animation wouldnt be easy considering how many directions there are and considering the walking would have to work for every angle the mouse was facing at the time. Perhaps there could have been some way of avoiding this, maybe giving the player a jetpack or wheels instead of feet. Some kindof player animation apart from directional, would be nice.

The sound and music was great. The music did well to set the scene, from the very beginning ominous intro music to the fitting ingame music. The sound is also very well done/chosen. I particarly liked the sound the character makes when he gets hit.

Lastability: Id say this game could last you a long time, but as Ive only made it have way through Im not sure. From what Ive gathered there is only two types of enemies, a big bug and a small bug. If you advanced on these enemies than youd be assured that the player wouldnt get bored on the slaughter factor.

Overall, Id say this is a very enjoyable game, with sound + music and the gameplay . Some small tidbits could be tampered with, but theres always a sequal for that!

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