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Review: Corvus Island Pocket Adventure
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 06/03/2004

*Gold star means good, Blue Star means okay, and Transparent Star means bad8
Well, I must say, popcorncrabula really did make "Corvus Island Pocket" feel like an authentic game-boy game !

Presentation: The prentation was pretty good. The title screen, like everything else, looks like a game-boy game's title, right down to the logo!

Graphics: The graphics were pretty good. The backrounds looked mario-ish (which was what he was trying to pull-off, I think). The problem I had was with the baddies: they were sort of pixeley, like they had been resized). The main character was okay. His walking animation was a bit strange, but the backrounds, quick backdrop, obsticles and spikes made up for it.

Gameplay: I don't think this game had a custom engine. It seemed like it was an edited verison of the standerard engine, (but Zane pulled that off in Simon the Monkey). The game play itself was, again, like an origanal game-boy game. You stomped on enimies, collected stars, exc. The game itself is basicly one looooonng level. Popcorncrabula- You should put in a half-way mark next time .

Sound and Music: The sounds were from a gfactory liberary. Those weren't that bad; they went along well with the game. Its the music that bothered me most . It was one of the Cartoon samples, and that drove me insane! I had to turn off the music! The sound I give a , and the Music I give a .

Lastability/Overall: CORVUS ISLAND POCKET will last as long as you don't beat the level. It needs a bit more too it (more levels, bosses, secrets, exc) in order to last a long time. Overall, CORVUS ISLAND POCKET is a game that will make you want to take out your old game-boy and start playing it again!

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