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Review: Barry the Bean
Author: Monkey33333
Added: 22/04/2004

I LOVE NEONAIR! NEONAIR rocks! This is an awesome game! Barry is a cute little bean, whos colony has been wiped out by fireants, so Barry decides that he wants revenge! This game has six worlds, and a lot of extras. The "theme song" extra is a very funny song, complete with a bean that bounces on the beans when you are supposed to say them! Another extra is Bagpipe Invaders, This game is like Space Invaders, only you play Barry, who is riding a bagpipe, and he attacks beans and fireants. The normal game is awesome! It is a platform game,(DUH!), most platform games made with TGF or MMF are short, but not this one, it is not as long as the Game Cube games today, but it has lasted(and still is) for like 2 weeks, I don't play it all the time though, the first world is like a grassy farmer's feild type world, the second world is like a halloween theme. The third world is like a Castle, lava type world. The forth world is part hilly grassy, part "Bagpipe zone" (play the game to understand). The fith zone is like a sandy type thing. The sixth world is like a dark final level type world. The only thing I don't like is that in the fourth world, the game runs slow when you stand still, so slow, that you jump lower that normal, but when you run, the game plays at normal speed, so you have to run, then jump, to jump normally. Barry the Bean is the best game I have ever played that was made with TGF/MMF. Barry the been is also at a G level, there is no swearing, blood, or gore, like some of the other games on TDC. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!

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