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Review: Ninja Nuclear Defense
Author: Teapot
Added: 03/06/2004

Ninja Nuclear Defence:

Ninjas are cool. Fact. Perhaps not as cool as pirates, but cool nevertheless. So it is always hard to make a ninja game. How could a game measure up to the coolness of a ninja? How could a bunch of moving pixels ever display the ultimate power of the world's second greatest sword wielding dudes?

Well, they can. But only very rarely. There are many many many many many ninja games that have been submitted to this site. And almost as many pieces of stinking crap that clog up your computer left alone and never played. I'm not even going to bother naming these. Mainly because of my extreme laziness (medical). It strikes me as strange that noone has reviewed this game yet. It is one of my favourite click games ever. I can remember many a lonely night where I have turned to the company of this great ninja game. No I can't. That has never happened. Ever.

Presentation of this game:

Well, the presentation of this game is excellent. Very cool. One of my favourite touches is the NES theme. Open up the controls menu and everything is displayed as if you were using a NES controller. During the story sequence it tells you to press the "A" button. Very swish.


Jump. Slash. Throw. Behead. It's all alot of mindless fun. Probably some of the best mindless fun that can be downloaded from this site. Defend the nuclear reactor from the green aliens. It will be a bit tricky at first, but you'llk get used to it.


These graphics are very swish, especially the artwork


Haahahaha. The song is cool. It has the word Ninja in it.


I've been playing this since it came out.

Download it now.

Sound and Music:

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