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Review: Thin Ice
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 04/06/2004

Reviewed by Lazarus
June 4th, 2004

'Thin Ice' is a fun, addictive, challenging game that plays like the old Windows Arcade game "Virus". I highly enjoyed Thin Ice, and I think that the reader should download it. REVIEW TIME!

Presentation: The title screen isn't much. There isn't a menu, but then again, I don't remeber Virus having one.

Gameplay: You control Petey the Penguin! You walk around the screen, searching for little green diamonds. But beware: each time you step on an ice square where the diamonds might be hidden, the ice cracks a bit. By the thrid time you step on it, the ice shatters! Once you get all the diamonds, find the exit and get outta there! You also have a little killer midget eskimo chasing after you. RUN, LITTLE PENGUIN, RUN! Try to get a really high score! It gets really addictive!
The Virus-like engine itself seems to be flawless.

Graphics: The graphics were very original. They were well shaded, coloured...and stuff. Great job, Strife!

Sound and Music: I really liked the music. It fit the game perfectly! The sound was pretty sweet, too.

Lastability/Overall: God, I could play this game all day! I really enjoyed it, and I think it could last forever!

All in all, THIN ICE is a fun arcade experince that you can't afford to miss! And if you miss it, then, I make you feel virtual pain.

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