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Review: ~Pulse
Author: Cybermaze
Added: 22/06/2004

So, what is this game all about? Let me try and tell you.

Without much fuss you will get to the menu screen. Here you can exit the game, type your name and choose new game or continue. You can also select music or not (I prefer not to stay focused on the task). The graphics and text (allthough sparse) fits well and does the job of presenting the game and giving you the choices you need.

The idea is pretty original (if not entirely original). You are a ... nurse? ... alien on a planet and you must do your part to make sure patients survive. You do this by monitoring their condition (heart and lungs) eg under an operation or in an ambulance and administering three ressources: Electric shock, a heart stimulating drug and oxygen. Using these three ressources you must keep the patients alive. There are 20 levels each patient more sick than the last one.
While the idea sounds original and interesting the game feels a bit short of gameplay. Each level is introduced with a screen with some info on the patient and a small picture. The main playwindow has three buttons for the ressources and the most of the screen is filled with the cardiogram (shows heart rate). Hitting the three buttons is basically what you have to do but saving the patients is both challenging and hard.

There is not a lot of graphics. Most of it is text but it fits well together and the graphics there is, is well drawn. Not to say very well.
What could have been good would be to see a graphical presentation of the patient and his/hers condition while playing.

Sound and music:
There is little of both.
Music is midi and only in the levels. It is ok but nothing special. I prefer not to hear music to focus on the patient.
Sound is beeps to indicate heart rate really. A bit more sound could add additionally to the game. The sound that exists is good however.

The levels are very identical though with a different story. And the creator used some time on the stories. Since the problems is the same (just harder) and there is not a clear solution to how to solve the patient the game is pretty repetitive and will be boring in the long run. Not much replay value either.

Overall the game is a fresh idea ending in a pretty decent game. It is well worth a try and could be one of those relaxation games you play once in a while to take your mind off things. However it will need some more richness to be lasting.

Sound and Music:

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