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Review: NationalLiberals Adventure
Author: ChrisB
Added: 10/07/2004

That's right! The game EVERYONE wants stocks in has been submitted to TDC! Finally, you can comment on the game without fear of getting your posts deleted. But enough about hush-hush tactics, this review is about NationalLiberal's game.

As you would expect from such a rich person, he's well presented and very polished (literally, read graphics review). Although it doesn't follow traditional company logo tactics, it DOES have a great ending screen which invites you to partake in NL's favourite activities (i.e. having stocks in things). 7/10

Like any good business venture, it's simple but you have to watch your pennies. And watch he does, as well as collect them. There's nothing complicated about this game, giving it an old-school feel. Many people love retro stylings. A few don't. But since it isn't vaguely retro, it's getting 3/10. Clearly NL didn't have stocks in game developers.

The graphics are, of course, amazing. At least he didn't waste his stocks and put them all in art companies. Things like the reflection on the floor are nice touches. It deserves 8/10.

Sound and Music
Who cares about sound and music? There isn't a lot of it, and the music isn't that great, but you can't blame him because he put all his stocks in art companies. And a very good choice, since you can turn off your speakers but you can't really turn off your monitor. 2/10

Once you've played the game and unlocked the secret photo and invitation for STOCKS, there isn't much incentive to play it again. Although you COULD keep a shortcut on your desktop for inspiration. However, all entrepeneurs should play this game regularly. 5/10

It's not a great game, but I too have STOCKS in it so play it now! HAR HAR HAR

Sound and Music:

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