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Review: Soda Junky 1 & 2
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 10/07/2004

Soda Junky 1 and 2 by Johns Program
Reviewed by Lazarus on July 10th, 2004
Random Thoughts: Babies are cute on the outside and chewey on the inside!

::Introduction:: Soda Junky's 1 and 2 came out quite a while ago, but Johns Program just released it in a compiliation filled with Arcadey goodness! On to reviewing!

Soda Junky I

Presentation: The game opens with an Arcade title screen, featuring an keyboard controlled menu. There's nothing else there, really, other then the title screen. The backround is just green. But this fits the game itself. 9/10

Gameplay: Your character runs around the screen collecting diffrent power-ups while fighting baddies. Once all the baddies are cleared from the screen, you advance to the next round. After 9 rounds you make it to the boss level. There are a variety of diffrent soda's to collect. When you drink them, you get certian abilities. One give's you an extra life, one gives you a special weapon power up, and so on and so forth. The engine is very solid, and the gameplay itself is very addictive. 10/10

Graphics: This is an old game, and John claims the graphic's aren't that great, but I think they fit the game very well. They look nice an arcadey! But I can't say they look as good as his later games. 9/10

Sound and Music: Well, even though the music is ripped, (like the song for the map screen of the Mario Zone in Mario Land 2) they all fit the graphic's and the gameplay. 8/10

Soda Junky II

Presentation: The sequal now inculdes an intro screen that reminds me of a SNES intro. The title screen reminds me of a SNES game as well. There really isn't much of a diffrence other then that: It still inculdes a keyboard controlled menu with all the same options. The password system is slightly diffrent and the backround now is blue with soda pop on it, but other then that, everything is the same. 9/10

Gameplay: Again, the gameplay is very similar. You still have to kill all baddies, face a boss, and collect soda. But there is a slight diffrence: now there are some side scrollin' levels! 9/10

Graphics Nice photoshoppy graphics now join the original sprites, adding even more eye-candy! 10/10

Sound and Music Again, the sound and music is ripped, but it fits the game itself. 8/10

Lastability/Overall Soda Junky 1 and 2 gives off the feel of an old arcade/Snes game. Anyone who enjoys old style gaming will enjoy this! Because of it's addictive game play, I can play this over and over. The only thing is, Soda Pop 2 is basicly the same thing as the first, so it's more of an expansion pack rather then a sequal.

Sound and Music:

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