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Review: Cc's Birthday Bash
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 12/07/2004

CC's Birthday Bash
Reviewed by Lazarus on July 12th, 2004
Random Thought:: I'm really hungry...I need...4 little children!
Introduction In order to celebrate Cysteine Creation's 1st Birthday (aaaaaah, there one already! Kidding...), CYS has created a great game called CC's Birthday Bash based on a mini game found in Kirby's Adventure (for the NES). On to reviewin':
Presentation: I think they could pass this off for a proffesional game! The logo in the first frame looks spectacular, and the title screen looks like a SNES game! Nice select screens, keyboard controlled menus, and game design earn a 10/10!

Gameplay:: As mentioned above, this game seems to be a clone on a mini game in Kirby's Adventure. When the "!" sign pops up on the screen, you have to pie (or cake) your opponet before they pie you! Short and simple really, but fun all the same!
All the characters you can play as are members from Cysteine Creations. Pretty sweet, eh? 9/10

Graphics: Again, flawless: all of the graphics look like there from a Gameboy Advance game! 9/10

Sound and Music: The sound fits the style of the game very well, although I can easily access them in the TGF and MMF libraries! And the brain...Banjo Kazooie! But again, it fits the game perfectly. 6/10

Lastability/Overall: I love playing this game in one player mode, and I have a lot of fun playing it with friends! It's the kind of game I can never get bored of. Overall, CC's Birthday Bash is a fun, old-style game with graphics that look like a cartoon/SNES hybrid! I recommend you download this, or be sad! 9/10

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