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Review: Bones
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 14/07/2004

Reviewed by Lazarus on July 14th, 2004
Random Thought: The Ring sucked.

Introduction: Wow, Bones! I found this a while back on a Kliking website. I can remember getting bored of it quickly...In any case, I still consider this a klik classic. It was made in KNP by John Shepherd. This game is only fun once because the frames repeat themselves, only with slight changes, but regardless, it's fun at one point.

Presentation: Well, it is a Klik and Play game. There isn't any keyboard controlled menu or anything; just a plain, simple, stright to the point arcadey title screen. It gives the instructions and hints right there. Press shift to continue. There's not much else to tell about. 3/10

Gameplay: In Bones, you're a doggy wondering around the screen trying to find bones. On the top of the screen, there's a counter (graident ) that tells you how close you are to the bones. There's also a timer. Obviously, if you don't find the bones in time, you die (most likley the doggy starves to death). You have to avoid baddies and perils. You can wonder around freely, going in doors, going under ground, exc. Pretty good for a Klik game. 6/10

Graphics: Good by KNP standards, but not by today's standards. All of the graphics look like there from Game Maker, except for the gradients, soild colours, and the ripped graphics from the Special Effects library. Not really impressive. 5/10

Sound and Music: There isn't any music, and the sound effects are from the KNP Library. Again, not impressive today, but at one point it was. 4/10

Lastiblity/Overall: I got quite bored of running around aimlessly after a while. But at first its a good, fun waste of time! I must admit, I could only play this once before throwing it into the rubbish bin. Overall, BONES is a good dose of old fashioned Kliking, but after a while it get's boring. 6/10

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